Let’s do a quick SEO on-site audit to find out why your customers are going to your competitors instead of you! 

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Search Engine Optimization SEO is a continuous digital marketing strategy to build long-term customer trust and loyalty for your brand.

When people want to know information or buy, they search for it on the web first. Therefore it is very important for your brand to be found easier.

The web search phase is critical for the customers’ decision to buy. For years, successful online businesses made sure that their websites are optimised for revenue conversion in the best ways possible.

Our common goal is to establish brand authority, not just ranking #1. 

  • Drive organic and convertible traffic to your website.
  • Stay on the top of search results to capture the customers you want.
  • Excellent user experience: Deliver contents your customers want.
  • Build customer trust and loyalty, making brand an authority.

I will deploy Search engine Optimisation services with techniques that will drive long-term results that you want for your business.

–  SEO that brings sustainability to your business…for a better peace of mind.

SEO Website Audit

Want to learn how search engines look at your website? The journey starts with a free thorough SEO audit with a clear reporting on what needs to be done to get your website fully-optimized.

SEO Recommends

Once you know the numbers, you shall be given a checklist of the SEO fixes that needs to be done on your site. At this point, you might be deciding to let me continue your project or not.

SEO Results

This is what makes me so special from other SEO specialists. I always have your goal in my mind. I don’t just fix websites, I make sure that your website is in align with your goals.

Let’s Work Together To Achieve What You Want Most: conversion.

Each Brand is Unique! All I have is your goals in mind.

Important Things You Need To Know About SEO

The goal of SEO is not to rank #1.  Your website goals should be revenue generation.

The main reason you built a website is to reach the online market. If you are just after landing #1 on Google Search, then you are missing the whole point.

For SEO, people are the most important. A search engine is nothing without the people who does the search. In short, tp ranking SEO is worthless if the website was designed for the wrong audience.

Another misconception about SEO is that it is a bunch of codes used to trick Google into indexing you higher. We are making sure that your website functions properly by:

  • Improving page loading times, make your site lighter.
  • Improving the value of your web pages by eliminating spammy elements.
  • Make your website more valuable and relevant to your audience with simple, better information.

The reason we doing a full SEO audit is to help you realize that there is more than just editing meta keywords.

SEO is an Asset to your Business: It’s All or Nothing.

Think of SEO as an asset to your company. If you are, let’s say developing a piece of real estate, won’t you consider investing on repairs and remodelling if you knew it would increase the property value?

Now if you are thinking SEO is just about stuffing keywords in the header and body tags of your content, then think again. Tactics like this might just work for your for a brief period, but in a long run, the website which provides valuable content – that is, relevant to your target audience, wins.

How can Rienzi SEO make your site “the best”?

Google’s Panda algorithm puts several factors into consideration. The Panda wants to weed out poor, irrelevant content. In the free audit I am offering, we can determine the following element but not limited to:

  • Thin content- pages that is too short or spare number of words.
  • Duplicate content- pages that is copied more than once in the web.
  • Poor-quality- pages which lacks or has poor information.
  • High ad-to content ratio- pages that has more ads than the actual content.
  • Dead links and error pages.

Among others:

Let’s give Google a reason to rank you higher than your competitors.

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