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Comprehensive Content Audit & Optimization For Local Brands

Our team in the Philippines provides granular content audit & optimization for services pages, products, and blog posts for max conversion. Talk to us!

Benefits of conducting a comprehensive content audit

It is only when you work with a seasoned and well-established team that this becomes a beneficial investment on your part. The right process is key and so is the course of action – We perfect both with great pleasure!

  • Highlight the problems or issues of your website content 
  • Create opportunities for content repurposing 
  • Diagnose content gaps for more efficient results 
  • Evaluate content quality or performance 
  • Improve your content overall structure 
  • Position your branding to the right target audience 
  • Improve content engagement and drive more traffic or leads to your site

Our Pride: Seamless system backed by 100% Filipino talent to produce quality service every single time…

Our Full-Scale Content Auditing Solutions

Our content auditing solutions are designed to optimize your existing web content and all your online marketing copy. With this, you can solidify your SEO and other online marketing campaigns, and you can turn your website into a more efficient lead-generation channel.

To give you more clarity, here are some of the basic principles we follow: 

#1 Content Inventory

A content inventory is the first step in the auditing process. Here, our SEO specialists curate a list of all existing content on your website. From there, we can easily pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of each copy. 

We create a site map and keyword mapping for larger sites or for a sitewide content audit campaign. This extra step allows us to understand the SEO efforts of the website and understanding the initial search intent of each target keyword.

#2 Content Analyses

Once we have the detailed content inventory, we can now run a complete analysis and calibrate every web copy. This includes the recommended steps to improve or resolve any errors. 

The objective here is to assess the engagement and traffic metrics using the following steps: 

1. Remove
Does it follow the ethical standards or principles? Are they relevant to your niche? Is it a duplicate copy? These are some of the items you should consider

2.  Keep

If the content is performing well or complies with the guidelines then it’s best to keep the content as is.

3. Improve

In content marketing, consistency is everything. To ensure we keep a high-level performance, our SEO team constantly reviews the existing text and the ranking keywords. From there, we can align them with the latest search algorithm updates. This ongoing process can help increase traffic and eventually boost conversions.

4. Consolidate

In some cases, merging your existing copy with other content can also generate more accurate results. We usually recommend content consolidation when:

  1. There’s a duplicate copy
  2. The content on the website is too thin
  3. The content is outdated or obsolete or
  4. The content is not generating any traffic. 

These are some of the things we can execute in the content analysis stage. Again, the overall principle of content analysis is to identify the weak spots and calibrate the existing pages.

#3 Content Structure

Another vital part of the audit process is the content structure. At this stage, we can now accurately determine the ideal location for all the content. This process is also one of the key steps in on-page implementation.

Here, we need to calibrate the structure of your content. The goal is to make it easier for search engines to understand your website structure and ensure all the web pages are visible. 

When properly executed, this can improve your website’s overall performance and significantly boost its search rankings. 

Rienzi SEO's Differentiator

Our system allows us to streamline our operation to produce quality service every single time. We have a dynamic team consisting of content writers, editors & content managers – 100% Filipino talent!

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Seamless Content Production

We can manage all of your content requirements from start to finish. In addition to the audit, our dedicated SEO professionals and content specialists can collaborate to develop and implement data-driven content marketing campaigns for you. These include on-page optimization, content curation and creation, and link outreach. 

All-in-one Content Marketing Solution

In case you’re just getting started and don’t have a website yet, that wouldn’t be a problem, as well. Our team can help you develop a complete content marketing plan for both your on-page and off-page campaigns! We can create website content that positions your branding to the right audience. This gives you a competitive advantage and gets the results you’re looking for! 

Bonafide Content Team

We’re relentless not just with providing quality content audit services but also constantly improving our industry knowledge and skills. Our digital tools are top shelves such as screaming frog, Surfer SEO, and Frase. Over the years, our team has helped SME’s like insurance brokers, custom software developers, and even masonry contractors align.

Transparency with Confidence

Once you’re inside our CMS you’ll have access to the tasks, the process, and the relevant details. We are happy to show our clients how we do things because this is how we find opportunities to improve. With this, we make sure you are on the same page with each and every step of the process.

We Think Different

FAQs about Content Auditing

Maximize user engagement and conversion is why you need a content audit. Take out the guesswork and let our Content Managers work their magic on your web pages. We listen to data, understand the pain points, and formulate an actionable roadmap!

An audience-led content strategy is a roadmap for all future content creation based on an agnostic assessment of how you can meet user needs through content. It provides recommendations for content based on users’ needs and the potential impact.

A content audit enables you to uncover underlying issues with the existing content on your website. This process creates a comprehensive checklist of issues to fix and opportunities to improve user engagement and user conversion.

Whether you want to increase traffic on your existing website content or you want to revamp outdated ones, a content audit will definitely help you make an informed decision.

An audit is a powerful tool for improving your B2B marketing content. It helps you see what’s working well and where you’re falling short. It uncovers gaps in your content (e.g., lots of awareness/top-of-funnel assets, but not enough at the decision/bottom-of-funnel stage), identifies old content to be repurposed, and ultimately informs your organization’s content goals.

Until you’ve examined existing content, your future creation efforts will be less effective. Afterwards, however, you’ll have a wealth of information to focus your B2B content strategy and ensure you’re creating marketing content that gets results.

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