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This SEO Audit template is for those who are dedicated to learning SEO. This is no magic pill but it’s a lifesaver. Well, at least it is for me because it provided a ROADMAP when managing SEO campaigns.  

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The goal is to increase conversion, not just rankings or traffic!

Deploy a modern, up-to-date SEO strategy. Never fall into the mistake of everyone else – considering SEO as an optional method. 

To understand how your potential leads visit your website and interact with your pages, you need to have your website SEO routinely audited and your click-through rate optimized.

If you don’t know what SEO is, here’s a quick explainer video about the concepts of SEO:

SEO For Beginners: Explaining The Concepts Of Search Engine Optimization

Here’s what I offer for free  – A beginner’s SEO Audit template. This free template is for SEO beginners that:

  • Runs a local business online.
  • Runs a blog as a personal brand.
  • Builds affiliate blogs, ecommerce site, and dropshipping.

And anyone wanting to up their SEO game can take advantage of this!

You see, consumer behavior changes so often. To keep up in line of with how your customers click and buy from you, you also need to have your website SEO routinely updated.

It is not just Google Search. People are also using different search engines that are also evolving. This is to make sure the Google and other search engines deliver relevant search results faster. Keywords needs to be strategically placed unlike before, when keywords over-stuffed in the metadata. Meta keywords has been rendered obsolete for the past few years.

I will guide through each steps on how to run a full SEO audit on your entire site, using this free template I prepared based on the most recent organic SEO trends. This is a complete SEO Audit Template that will help you overhaul your website for free.

What’s will this template do for my site?

Primarily this template gives you an in-depth perspective of your website SEO performance with, but not limited to the following metrics.

  • Analyse your keywords
  • Test your links and backlinks
  • Calculate bounce rates, in-depth page experience and other behavior metrics
  • Identify and fix coding-based issues like meta data
  • Identify website loading issues
  • Improve pages loading time
  • Establish social media presence with your brand

Use SEO to Exploit other Google products like My Business, Maps and Youtube.


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  2. This is not an easy money scheme. The template is designed to help you implement better SEO practice.The success of your SEO campaign rely solely in your ability to get things done.
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